About Us

The Ontario Mustang Club

Do you own a mustang and live in Ontario? Then this is the club you must be a part of!!

We are a club for classic to current mustang owners of all ages. Pretty much, it’s an “anything” goes club: you can sell parts, buy parts, organize meets and cruises…the list goes on!!! 


Mississauga is where the club originated from, but now we have members from all over ONTARIO. We even have members in different parts of the world!! 


We are not a forum, we are a CLUB. In other words, when you join our club, please be active (post and like posts) and introduce yourself to all the members and post pictures of your car. 


So if you would like to be a part of our growing family of mustangs, meet new friends, go out to our weekly meets and cruises, this is the club to be in! 


We can grow with everyone’s help by spreading the word of our club. Tell your friends about us, so we can make the club grow together let’s be friendly, have fun, make friends, share stories, tell jokes, post pictures and most of all admire all of the beautiful cars. 


You are more than welcome to message Kevin Gauci, Enzo Elia Jr, Bruno Mastracci and Danny Gagliardi we promise they won’t bite!


In the end, don’t ever forget why we are here… for the love of the FORD MUSTANG!






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